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Strategy by eb is led by Elizabeth "e.b."​ Bye, who brings 30 years of research, strategy, marketing, communication, and editorial experience.

Get measurable results and save time, resources and money

We work with a group of trusted communication professionals, including researchers, strategists, print and digital designers, writers, videographers, and project managers. Together, we have served clients in the technology, healthcare, education and energy sectors since 2017. 

We specialize in human-centered communication solutions, which are developed by listening to the target audience and providing them the information that they want and need, when they need it. We believe that when you understand the unique needs and wants of your audience, you can focus your energy on the communications that get results.

Through research, user experience and communication strategy, we'll build a communication plan that fits your budget and helps achieve your goals.






eb is a whip smart strategist, expert dot connector and an absolutely delight to work with and be around. As clients, we’re a demanding bunch and you won’t see eb even bat an eyelash at what’s getting thrown her way. You can hand her the keys to projects of any size — big or small, quick turnaround or in it for the long haul. She’ll find the right people to engage, make sure that everyone has a voice at the table, come up with realistic timelines and deliver on time, on brand and on budget.

eb is an emphatic leader who manages people with clear direction and kindness. She’s a community builder at heart and every interaction with her will leave you feeling heard, seen, valued and inspired. She has a social justice and equity lens that consistently shines through in her words, actions and decision making. eb is an outstanding people leader and one of the smartest, most compassionate and purpose driven people I’ve ever worked with.

Anna Rigby, PMP

Graphics and Channel Marketing Manager | Intel

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